Zavien Abercrombie-Brown

Oowee Sports Nation’s Student Athlete of the Week: Zavien Abercrombie-Brown By Ebony Carrington


Position(s): Defensive back (cornerback) and kick returner

School: James Martin High School (Arlington, Texas) 

Player #: 34

Grade: Sophomore

A triple threat is defined as a person who is adept in three different fields of activity or a football player adept at running, kicking and passing. Arlington’s Martin High School sophomore Zavien Abercrombie-Brown is that triple threat. 

Not only does Abercrombie-Brown dominate in the special teams area (due to his flexibility), but the speed he brings from his seasons in track and his stamina and ball handling from soccer make him a serious contender for future opponents. 

Fresh off a victorious football season where the Martin High School varsity football team finished 9-3 overall and were declared champions with a 6-0 record in the district, Abercrombie-Brown is optimistic about his athletic journey ahead. 

“As an underclassmen on the varsity team, sure, I faced some challenges. I constantly had to prove myself,” Abercrombie-Brown said. “But, what I love the most about it is the relationships and bonds I built with my teammates.” 

Abercrombie-Brown shared that though the season was personally challenging, he felt empowered by being chosen by his coaches to play at an advanced level. He said once he was able to prove to himself and the team that he’s just as fast and strong and can hold his own with his upper class teammates, the rest of the season brought great symmetry. 

“As a multisport athlete, I’m able to kick as well as run down the field to make the tackles,” he said. “Soccer helps keep me conditioned and [my] footwork on point, while track helps to maintain my speed. I definitely feel like I’m not a one-trick pony.”  

With the support of his family (especially his dad, former athlete/coach and current trainer), Abercrombie-Brown said he ultimately hopes to earn a D-1 scholarship to play football at one of his four college picks of University of Texas at Austin, Louisiana State University, University of Oregon or Baylor University. 



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