Oowee Sports Nation’s Student Athlete of the Week: Sydni Williams By Ebony Carrington


Position(s): Sprinter (Relay First Leg)

Team: IBTT Blazers Track Club (Denton)

Age Group: 14U

Grade: Seventh

If you searched Google today for things that could be done in 11 seconds or less … tie a tie, unload a 12-pack of soda or open a bottle of wine — running a 100-meter dash at 12 years old wouldn’t be listed. Yet, 12-year-old Sydni Williams has made it her new year goal.

The average runtime for a high schooler (14 to 18) to complete the 100-meter run is around 10 to 11 seconds, but not at all average for a seventh grader. 

Williams, an all-around athlete, began running track at age eight when it was discovered (while playing soccer) how fast she was on the field. It was suggested she try running track.

“Though I’ve played many sports — soccer, basketball, volleyball and dance, track is by far my favorite, and the sport I feel I excel at the most,” she said. “Being a well-rounded athlete is important to me. It helps me stay in the best physical shape possible.”

Williams focused runs are the 100, 200 and 400-meter sprints, in addition to running first leg in the 4×100 relay with the I’m Better Than That (IBTT) Blazers Track Club in Denton County. Last summer, the IBTT Blazer (12U) Girls 4×100 relay team placed first at the Texas Amateur Athletic Federation (TAAF) State Track & Field meet and finished fourth place in the Amateur Athletic Association (AAU) Junior Olympics.

“When it comes to track, I am my biggest competitor,” she shared. “I often feel nervous about racing right before I have to. I constantly have to encourage myself beforehand to be successful in the race.”

In the coming months, Williams will be training in off-season working toward achieving her set goals and exceeding last year’s placement with her relay team. She hopes to one day receive a scholarship to run at either Baylor University, Texas A&M University, Louisiana State University, or Southern University.

“Staying focused, working hard, bringing dedication and determination are characteristics I feel are most important to being successful,” she said.

And with set goals and expectations in check, the support of family and friends, including a winning attitude, it’s no doubt Williams will achieve success.

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